Sliding Door Not Sliding

Sliding Door Not Sliding! Fix the Issues Effortlessly

Sliding door not Sliding? Looking for experts to fix the disputes? But the situation is not suitable for you. So, what are you going to do? You have to find a solution all by yourself.

The sliding door which is not sliding is the last thing anyone would like to face. As much as you enjoy the rain beside your balcony door, you would not like the rainwater within your room. Hence, you need to fix the problems right away. And it will be more effective if you know how to fix sliding door rollers. But how to make a sliding door slide easier?

There are tons of sliding door problems. After facing the problems, don’t run to call the sliding door repair Fort Lauderdale expert. Only follow our expert guide and do it on your own. You have to understand the actual problem before finding the solution. So, here we will discuss how you can fix your stubborn door track easily.

However, you need to gather a few items in your repair kit.  You can buy them separately from the market as well. You will need a silicone-based lubricant, screwdriver, prying tool, pliers, hammer, stiff bristle brush, vacuum, rag, cleaning solution, and sawhorses.

Now that you have everything in your kit, start the process of cleaning the tracks. If the tracks are out of their shapes, fix the bent tracks. Now apply the lubricant you have all over the track and adjust the rollers.

How to Fix a Sliding Door Not Sliding

A sliding glass door has two main parts: the rollers and the tracks. The rollers are attached to the bottom of the track that runs through the track. If the door is not working properly, you need to check the rollers and the tracks. In the case of large doors, you need to check the upper rollers as well. Sometimes, dirt deposition can lead to blockage in the passage. However, accidental damage on the track can lead to uneven tracks. In that case, you might face obstacles while sliding the door. Sometimes the sliding doors tend to damage due to the fraction. As a result, the doors become short in size, and they start to get out of that track.

Therefore, if you face any issues with your door, check these areas minutely. You may find solutions with a stiff bristle brush and lubricating solution.

How to Fix Sliding Door Rollers?

In case the problem lies in the rollers, you need to replace the rollers. Now it may seem a bit difficult to replace, but it is not at all tough. All you need to do extra is that you have to remove the door from the frame as well. So, if you are searching for “Sliding door repair near men” but could not find one, you can help yourself.

Start the process by removing the screen door. Slide a flat-head screwdriver under the roller to lift it. After that, grab both sides of the door frame and lift it off the track. Remove the head stop with a screwdriver and raise the rollers by adjusting the screw counterclockwise. And your door is ready to leave the track. Now, you can replace the faulty track and reinstall the doors at home. However, it is better to seek help from someone to lift the doors. And if it is a glass door, you must take adequate precautions while removing the door.

There are various types of sliding doors available in the market. Based on the situation and purpose of the door, the design and installation process can be different. So, you need to acquire sufficient knowledge of your door before fixing the issues. Therefore, take your time and change the door at home.