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Many homeowners tend to select the eye-catching sliding glass door for their balcony and patio. It gives them a clear view of the outside with maintaining a classy look. But because of years of corrosion build-up, wear & tear, the roller or track gets affected. And the sliding door gets stuck when sliding. So, at that time, are you tired of finding a sliding glass door repair near me?

Don’t worry. At sliding Doors FL, we are always here to provide you with the best sliding door repair services. Our main priority is to give you the best services and slide your sliding door like a new one again. We can assure you that, in our company, you will get the best sliding door repair Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

sliding glass door repair near me

After successfully repairing over 4000 sliding doors locally, we have become the trusted sliding glass door repair near me.

With our company, which provides sliding glass door repair services, we always make sure that every home in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas has a perfectly working sliding glass door. With our services like sliding glass door repair near me, get ready to forget those hard-to-open sliding doors, and slide your doors like new ones again.

Services Offered

Roller Repair

At Sliding Doors FL, we are always ready to provide you with the best sliding door roller repair services. Because of the weather in South Florida, the sliding doors can become rough. But by taking our services, you will forget your hard-to-open doors. And we can promise your doors will slide like new ones again. We are here to identify the right roller for your sliding doors as we know one roller can not fit all sliding doors.


Track Repair

Because of years of corrosion, many sliding doors need track repair services. Don’t worry. Sliding Doors FL is here to provide you with the best sliding door track repair services. We have different track repair options available to best fit your sliding door track. We always try to restore your sliding door track as soon as possible and provide you with the best service in less time.


Lock & Handle Repair

If the lock or the handle of your sliding door breaks, do not need to worry. Sliding Doors FL is here with their trusted sliding door lock and handle repair services. Only give us a call, and with our services, your sliding door will become a new one again.


Glass Replacement

Finding sliding glass door repair near me to replace your door glass? Without any second thought, only contact us. We are here with our 24/7 sliding door glass replacement services.

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    The cost of replacing a sliding glass door depends on several things, like the size, glass type, material, brands, and many more. But on average, it can cost you around $500-$2500.

    It is a commonly asked question among homeowners. Always remember there is no individual roller that fit all sliding doors type. So when you find any sliding glass door repair near me, always show them the old one with you to get the correct replacement part.

    Yes, obviously you can if they are available. Some sliding doors simply lift out, and most of them have retention mechanisms that need to be removed first. Maybe you will need to level the doors to fit the frame properly. If you face any problem in this process, contact an expert sliding glass door repair.

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