Fix A Sliding Screen Door In 6 Easy Steps

Fix A Sliding Screen Door In 6 Easy Steps

A Screen Door in the lobby or on your balcony enhances the décor. But what happens when you face problems with that Sliding Screen Door? You may contact your service provider for the screen door or call a professional expert from your locality. However, things may not fall into places according to your needs.

In That Case, What Will You Do to Fix a Sliding Screen Door?

That is why you must know some quick fixes to recover the broken or imbalanced screen door. And if you don’t know how to fix a not working sliding door, we have the best guides with us. Here you will get to know about the steps of fixing a sliding door in six easy steps. So, without any unnecessary delay, let’s go to the solutions.

Step 1: Remove the Sliding screen door for the frame

First thing first, you need to remove the Front Screen Door to fix it. So, start by removing the door from the screen door. As the door is on a flexible sliding track, you can lift the frame until you can clean up the bottom edge of the rollers. And then you can tilt the door out from the bottom.

Step 2: Get the required replacing items and necessary tools

Now you need to get those replacements and the necessary tools. For that, you have to visit a nearby hardware store and get the requisite materials. Mostly, you need two things – wire and fiberglass. You can get these items in rolls that come in different color options (black, white, charcoal).

Apart from that, you also need a spline roller that you already used to lift the door from the sliding track. Make sure to keep the screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, and a utility knife with a fresh blade. And you are ready to start the door fixing process.

Step 3: Take out the spline and clean the door

Now that you have everything for the task, you can start the process by inserting the screwdriver in one corner of the frame to pry out the old spline material with pliers. However, make sure to be careful not to bend the metal edges of the groove. Once they are removed, you can easily clean the door frame.

Step 4: Use a spline roller for replacing the spline and screen

Now you can unroll the new fiberglass sliding screen door without overlapping the edges. If the edges do not settle nicely, you can use clamps on the corners to keep the screen in place. This way, you can stop the mesh from shifting. But if things become difficult, you can ask for someone’s help. However, it is easier to do at home.

Step 5: Trim excess screen material

By now, you have adjusted the spline and screen in place on all sides. But you must make the door frame posh. So, you need to trim away the excess from the door frames. For that, you can use the convex side of your spline roller to push it to the right place. Now, grab your utility knife to trim the excess screen door.

Step 6: Reinstall the screen door in the frame

There is nothing much to do after the previous steps. Your Retractable Screen Door is ready, and you can install it on the door frame. After adjusting, move the door in all directions to check if it is rolling smoothly or not. And if it runs smoothly, you are done here. And if it does not run smoothly, you can contact your nearby Metal Screen Door fixing agency. You can talk to them to know about the Screen Door Price for fixation.

So, these are all for fixing a sliding screen door. With the right techniques and tools, you can pull off the task effortlessly.